More subfloor



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7 Responses to More subfloor

  1. Carol Fields says:

    Look at those muscles, and good looks.

  2. Hi, can you please tell me & if you can send me detail drawing of how the subfloor is connected or tied together to the steel please, with much great respect.

    • cxdyer says:

      Leonard, I am not that knowledgeable about those details. I have asked my husband to send them to me and I will post them.

      • HI thank you very very very much for you reply, I will be happy, thank you for your time & consideration with much great respect. 🙂 🙂

      • cxdyer says:

        Here is a quote from my husband….”We use 3/16″ thick 4″x4 mounting tabs. Welded to the I-beam and bolted to the perimeter wood joists, and several through out the floor area. The I-beam is bolted to anchor bolts imbedded in the concrete piers.”

      • Hi, thank you very very much I appreciate a thousand times. I will keep looking at your photos and will keep in touch because I am planning to build my own house by myself. Thank you so much again with much love & respect.

  3. cxdyer says:

    Glad to have obliged. Thank you for joining us on our learning journey and if we can answer questions in the future, just ask away. Our processes may not be the best way or the only way to do something but we are happy to share what works for us.

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