Light freeze

Woke up this morning to 30 degree weather, but the sun is shining and the lawn needs to be mowed. Bob took care of that. If you can see the trees in the background you will see one of 6 large cedars that we lost to the drought.



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4 Responses to Light freeze

  1. Carol Fields says:

    Sorry you lost the trees. Such a hard year on them all. You can plant some more, some you would really like and perhaps fast growing.

  2. Jena says:

    Yes, I recommend live oak. Both of ours grew really fast. They get really big and provide a lot of shade. 🙂

    • cxdyer says:

      Let me know which live oaks you planted. We planted brand new live oaks at our house 12 years ago and they are just now at the top of our garage. I’d like to appreciate the shade sooner than that.

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