Wally world walls

Here is a closer view, you can see the door frame that will lead into the kitchen and the frame for the window in the kitchen. We will use that slider window to pass food back and forth from the kitchen to the dog run. I’m wondering about a built in bar just below and outside that window, what do you think? Will it be in the way? Would we even need it? Do you have a similar idea?



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2 Responses to Wally world walls

  1. Jena says:

    OK, I feel stupid asking this, I’m going out on a limb…don’t laugh…what’s a dog run? That’s what we call the place where we put our dogs when somebody comes to cut the trees. Is it an architectural term, or do you have dogs that will be on a screened in porch when the house is finished? DON’T laugh! 🙂

    • cxdyer says:

      Not a stupid question, in fact we could be using that terminology incorrectly but we like it so we will continue to call our breezeway a dog run.

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