Breezeway a.k.a. Dog Run

Our breezeway, which I like to call dog run, is framed and almost ready for the metal roof.  The metal roofing supplies were given to us, so FREE works well in the debt-free budget. Oh, I’ve gotta tell you about another wonderful budget find, not as good as FREE but close to it. This past weekend we we went to the metal salvage yard and found metal siding  for about $200, enough to complete the exterior siding of the master bedroom.  And in case you didn’t know it, that price is a steal (pun intended), it’s about $1,000 in savings!! Looks like my thrift store finds and savvy shopping abilities are finally paying off.



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5 Responses to Breezeway a.k.a. Dog Run

  1. bedell says:

    Awesome on all accounts! Still confused about where the dog is but apparently he is getting a breeze! 🙂

    Happy and delighted for and with you all in the progress! 🙂

    Willie and Giggles 🙂

  2. thewinecult says:

    I am now an official user on your site.

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