These stained glass windows survived a house fire

Some of you may not be aware that in the year 2000 we lost almost everything to a house fire but we were all safe which is more important than material things anyway. At the time, we were building that house ourselves so this type of construction is not new to us, we work well together and enjoy it. We’ve incorporated a lot of the same ideas we were using in that house into this new house and have found some new ones in the process. One thing that we didn’t lose were some antique stained glass windows, I don’t remember how they survived the fire but they did and I have kept them all these years in hopes of rebuilding one day. The day has come and we will get to use these windows for our new project. This picture is of my sister in law holding them up for us to see, this is a special moment for me and I wanted to share it with you.



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4 Responses to These stained glass windows survived a house fire

  1. Leslie says:

    How amazing! I can feel the moment all the way over here!!

  2. Steve Cooper says:

    So glad you save dthem. They are so neat!

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