R panel on the cheap

Found a supplier in Houston that makes their own R panel. This is the stuff you see being used on almost all of the commercial buildings nowadays. It’s versatile, it can be installed horizontal if you prefer, covered if you don’t like the metal look, it can be used as siding or roofing. We are using it as roofing. We are buying the heavy gauge, 26 since its being used as roofing. Now the only downside to using the R panel from this supplier is that he only offers it in white or galvalume. What luck for us, we want the galvulume (silver) anyway. This would cost $3 – $4 a square foot at the big store, here, at the supplier we found, its only $1.65 a square foot. Cha-Ching. And yet another savings of about $1,350.



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One Response to R panel on the cheap

  1. Randall Hodges says:

    Who is this supplier please supply contact info. Thanks, Randall

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