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An artist’s home

I posted a picture of Bobs Google Sketch-up that he drew last year, before we ever broke ground, and here is a picture of what our house, that drawing, looks like today. He’s really talented when it comes to vision … Continue reading

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Bob’s rendering

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On the trail from Austin to Houston is a Youen

The great thing about our location is that we are just off the path if you are headed to/from Austin/Houston. Our friends, John and Nancy Youen, stopped by on their way home and shared some of their fantastic micro brewery … Continue reading

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West Side Story

This is the west side of the house, and it feels like it all finally came together this weekend. House wrap and windows, well most of them, are in. We still have the ones above the three large living room … Continue reading

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One window in the main house in

First window installed in the main house. Woohoo an celebration time. See that tape around the bottom? Its another layer of weather protectant. Bob put the window seal tape at the bottom of the window sill and will add another … Continue reading

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Wrapping party

Trevor, our oldest and Chad, our middle son are helping Bob wrap the house. Hoping to install windows today on the main house.

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Two weeks of rain = weeds

Been a while since we mowed, have had two weeks of rain everyday. The trees needed it. Parker, our youngest is mowing.

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