On the trail from Austin to Houston is a Youen

The great thing about our location is that we are just off the path if you are headed to/from Austin/Houston. Our friends, John and Nancy Youen, stopped by on their way home and shared some of their fantastic micro brewery beers. We needed the break from the heat and truly enjoyed some visionary and inspiring conversation, you two rock.



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3 Responses to On the trail from Austin to Houston is a Youen

  1. jyouens says:

    We had a blast! It was the perfect end to a busy weekend in Austin. You and Bob are doing an amazing job on your house. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress along the way. Thanks for letting us crash your work day!

  2. Macy M says:

    This looks so comfy and cozy!

    • cheri dyer says:

      I can tell you have the visionaries gift, not too many people have the abilitiy to look at an unfinished project like that and envision the future of it. I am still following your blog too and am so sorry to hear about your back. I had back surgery 4 years ago, I sort of know the pain but can’t imagine yours.

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