What’s so exciting about a grocery store?

I’m so excited that we are getting a grocery store and bakery right here in our small town. Not a chain store, thank goodness but a real deal grocery store and bakery. Right now, the closest grocery store is about 20 miles away which isn’t bad but to have one within walking distance is incredible. So you can see why this is a BIG deal to us. Oh and the cool part? Look at that front door, it’s a double door that automatically opens and closes. So awesome! If you can’t tell, I’m super jazzed about this. And you just wait, the guy who will be running the bakery makes the best, and I mean THE BEST, lemon meringue pie….oh my goodness. I will take pictures and share with you his awesomeness.

We’ve been watching their construction progress, along with ours, and it feels like our little town is booming. This is thrilling to say the least.



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One Response to What’s so exciting about a grocery store?

  1. Jena.Rice@insperity.com says:

    I love it!!!

    Jena Rice
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