Kitchen windows that cost 30% retail

We found these 2×8 windows on Craigslist. We bought them from a business owner that had them leftover from a warehouse he was building. These windows are low-e, 1″ thick insulated glass panels, tempered safety glass. Never installed before but so dirty you could barely see out of them. We were only interested in buying 5 of them, ranging in sizes from 24″ x 96″ and 32x 96″; however; he had 3 other sizes that he wanted to sell. We told him we only wanted the 8′ ones. He wanted them all out of his warehouse so he just gave us the others which were 3×4, 2×3, 3×5.

The end of this story? For $300 we have $1800 worth of windows. Cha Ching!!



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2 Responses to Kitchen windows that cost 30% retail

  1. jyouens says:

    They look awesome!… except for the Great Stuff application by the rookie window installer. Hopefully he brought beer or something to offset that hack job… 🙂

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