We’ve got the power

Bob rented a trencher and buried the electric line. We now have permanent power to the house, no more extension cords on the ground.




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8 Responses to We’ve got the power

  1. Lee says:

    Awesome! However, just tell Bob his hair is curly enough and to be careful when poking around with that screwdriver……!

    Love you guys,

    Lee and Gina 🙂

    • cxdyer says:

      That’s funny Lee. He wasn’t really working, he was just posing for a photo. Funny you noticed that cuz the same thought crossed my mind when he was doing that.

  2. jyouens says:

    Excellent! Y’all are making great progress.

    • cheri dyer says:

      Thanks John, I feel like it’s really coming along. The electrical and the plumbing are kinda the boring parts and you don’t see the results from driving by, so the progress feels slower. But it’s exciting to us. It was great to plug in the coffee maker to permanent power for the first time.

  3. Carol Fields says:

    Wahoo! Soo nice and much safer. You go Bob….Paul….and Cheri….and Traci.

  4. Dr. J Robert Fields BSA says:


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