Red is such a striking color

Know what the good thing is about building your own house? You can change your mind about your design anytime you want to. We did. We decided that the red siding is too striking to use as a wainscot and decided to install it all the way up. We finished the red siding on this one side of the house. Trim will be wood, natural stain.



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3 Responses to Red is such a striking color

  1. Love the color! I’m in Carbon, TX, just outside of Eastland. Where you are all?

    • We are half way between Houston and Austin, near Round Top Texas. Are you familiar with that area? Its a quaint little town you pass by on the road from Houston to Austin.

    • Oh, and thank you, Kelly! We fell in love with that red too. Wouldn’t you know it, the reason why we got such a bargain deal ($30 a bundle) is because it’s discontinued. If we want to build any other out buildings on our property we are limited to the boxes they had in stock.

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