I’ve never had one of these before

Can you believe that I’ve never had a walk-in pantry before this? Well, I haven’t. I had to go back a few years to count just how many places Bob and I have lived in. We’ve lived in 3 apartments, 1 townhouse, 1 mobile home (that we demolished and built a home on top of, only to have it burn down later) and the house we currently live in. Out of all those homes, not one had a walk-in pantry. I will finally have a walk-in. The light is from Ikea, the shelves are too and the stained glass window came out of the house that burned down years ago. We chose not to put any Sheetrock in our house so our walls will be anything but. I call the wall board in here “farmer’s siding”. The ceiling will be bead board.



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8 Responses to I’ve never had one of these before

  1. Carol Fields says:

    So cool Cheri, happy for you.

  2. KrisRaah says:

    its the little things

  3. John Youens says:

    I love it!

  4. Walk-in pantries are amazing! I never had one either, until we moved here. I love it! I’m sure you will too. I like the term, “farmer’s siding” 😉

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