What have you dreamed about lately?

I had to give a speech for my Toastmaster’s Club and the title of the speech was “Dreaming of the Country Life”.  Because for me, it is my dream and hope, to one day live in the country. For years I talked about it.  For years I dreamed about and hoped for it until one day I got off my bum and did something about it.  Okay, it didn’t happen overnight, but it did begin.  It is happening right now, my dream is coming true.  And the good news is that yours can too.  If the universe can help me achieve my dream, it will help you achieve your dream.  It will take action on your part. 

1.  Go ahead, dream!  To achieve a dream, you have to first be willing to dream it.  Dare yourself to dream.  Are you constantly telling yourself “That’ll never happen”? Then you are right, it won’t.  Endeavor, risk, venture, try, go ahead and dream. Get out of your comfort zone.   Break off that unhealthy relationship you are in. Start downsizing now, pack up what you don’t need.   Buy an expensive set of paints for your first masterpiece.  Quit your job or get a job.  Do something. Start dreaming of what you can do.

2.  Create a dream journal.  Your mind is such that it can only conceive what it can achieve, but you have to agree with your mind that you CAN achieve it. Be specific about your dream, the way to be specific is to write it down. I keep a 3 ring binder called “Cabin plans and ideas” and I’m still adding to it.  Write it down.  Look at it often. See it.

3.  Turn your dream into a burning desire. Make that dream a reality to you.  Imagine yourself, in detail, living out your dream.  Keep imagining until it shifts from dream to burning desire.  Can you see yourself painting on the cliffs of Mendocino, Ca? Can you see yourself thin and in shape? Can you see yourself in a healthy and happy relationship?  GOOD, then the universe can too and it will happen. When my dream of moving from the city to the country became a burning desire, it’s all I could focus on.  I’m creating my reality, it burns within me.

4.  Next, turn your desire into goals.  Goals are time sensitive.  Keep your goals realistic and achievable.  After searching, for 5 years, for 10 – 20 acres of land to buy, we realized that our desire was not achievable. It wasn’t within the Dyer household budget. We didnt’ give up.  We changed our goals.  We realized that 1 – 2 acres was achievable for us.  And guess what? Within 4 months of changing our goals we found our dream place.  It was worth the wait.   What goals have you set for yourself?  Be realistic.  Don’t try to run a marathon if you’ve never trained for it. If you desire to run a marathon, start walking a mile a day.  Perhaps you can’t paint the Sistine Chapel without lessons, but you can paint on a small canvas.  Perhaps you can’t step out of that unhealthy relationship today, but you can build your self-esteem today, right now.  Begin it.  Believe it.  Achieve it.  You can do it.  Start today.



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6 Responses to What have you dreamed about lately?

  1. This is so good and so timely for me to read. I realized, while reading this, that I have dreams but for quite sometime now I have been skipping steps 2 &3 and just moving from step 1 straight to 4. This leaves me feeling overwhelmed instead of hopeful. I love to journal and to collage my dreams in a journal or binder. I haven’t done that for way too long… Thanks for the reminder and for sparking some hope and inspiration in me 🙂

    All the best to you and your dreams, fellow city-girl turned country-girl 😉

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  3. Beka says:

    Forgive the long post following:
    Wow!!! I just found your blog! Thank you thank you!! My husband and I have been considering building our own house and your blog and story has completely lit a fire under me! We’ve been looking at plans and drawing, but nothing has been serious. I called him at work after finding your blog and I am so motivated which excited him. I think I’ve been the hold up, worried about us actually accomplishing this! I’ve read through the entire blog and it has me so excited 🙂 We too are planning a pier and beam home, but ours will have to be bigger as we are a family with little ones still at home. I can totally relate to you finding bargain deals and can’t wait to do the same. We actually have a few things that I’ve found that we’ve been saving. We live in Texas also and our big city close to us is also Houston!! I would love to pick your brain for a few of the places you bought your steel when we get closer to that point 🙂 We actually have our land with a trailer on it with plans to build behind it and then move the trailer out!! I am so excited to continue to read your progress and can’t wait to share some of ours!! Thank you so much for sharing your journey!!!!!

    • I couldn’t think of a more exciting conversation than to talk about building debt-free and would gladly visit with you. One of the reasons we created our blog was to have a diary, of sorts, for our friends and family so they can feel like an integral part of our dream coming true. But another reason was to one day, and hopefully, inspire or help someone else who wanted to follow a similar path. I run across sooo many deals that we could have purchased our house all over again for half the cost. Here is my email address: dassSchuppen@gmail.com. Feel free to email me and I will send you my cell phone. Lets have coffee and talk about your dreams coming true.

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