No more pallet stairs

We finally did it, we got rid of the beautiful set of stairs I made from wooden pallets. Here is a picture of Bob and his brother John who helped us this weekend to build this deck and stairs.



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7 Responses to No more pallet stairs

  1. Leslie says:

    Looking awesome!

    • Well….frankly I thought my engineering skills were incredible and I almost hated to see them go. The deck Bob built turned out a tad sturdier, the stairs don’t tilt when you walk up them and that is reassuring. I will use my skills elsewhere now.

  2. Uncle Steve says:

    “Men @ work”. LOL We need more actual action shots, or we’ll begin to think these are staged and that they just got you some real materials to work with.

  3. Carolv Fields says:

    Bob, sweetheart could you add another step or two at the bottom for me and Shirley?

  4. jyouens says:

    I kinda liked the pallets… 🙂

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