Time for a front door

This is the door jam and frame for our front door. Bob is welding 1 1/2″ square tubing for the frame. The Jam is 1 x 3″ rectangular tubing. It pays to have a metal artist for a husband! These are all scrap pieces he has had at the shop for a long time.





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4 Responses to Time for a front door

  1. Steve Cooper says:

    Ya gonna polish that pretty baby out, Bob?

  2. Carol Fields says:

    Damn you make that hat look good Cheri… Just sayin.

    GOD in US In GOD! Sent via my iPhone


  3. Jena.Rice@insperity.com says:

    You’re so BEAUTIFUL!

    Jena Rice
    Sr. FLSA Compliance Specialist | HR Administrative Compliance

    19001 Crescent Springs Drive | Kingwood, TX 77339
    OFFICE: 800-242-8893 ext. 3847 | FAX: 800-5476783


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