Bob n Cheri

We are a couple of folks who live in a large metropolitan city and yearn for the respite of  a much simpler world. This is our journey to finding a small piece of land and building our modern cottage in a small town.

Here is the short version of who we are.  I grew up in Arkansas where my grandparents were farmers and I relished spending every moment I could with them on their farm. But as I grew up I used to dream about spreading my wings and moving to the city, I couldn’t wait to get out of the country, and I did!  I married and had 3 boys and somewhere along the way wondered why I ever left the country life.

My husband is an artist, not your regular paint on canvass with a brush kind, nope, he is the “I can do anything I put my mind to kind of artist”.  He is creative, intelligent, hard working and;  might I say, very handy.  He is a metal artist by trade but he can build and create just about anything he can imagine. He designed and is now building our dream cottage. And, like all masterpieces it needed a name so he aptly named it “The Shed”, which translated into German is dass schuppen. 

 If you knew us you might describe us this way: “Bob’s a little bit rock n roll and Cheri’s a little bit country”.


5 Responses to About


    love never fails!!!!

  2. jyouens says:

    I love your description: If you knew us you might describe us this way: “Bob’s a little bit rock n roll and Cheri’s a little bit country”.

    Very cool!

  3. Fred Kuttner says:

    Dear Folks, a nice website, very interesting and inspiring. By the way: It is “der Schuppen”. “Dass” is not even an article but a conjunction. Hoping you have a blessed Christmas (I am not talking of the gifts of a world of consumption) F Fred

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