A view from the back


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Antique window repurposed into a medicine cabinet



A friend gave us this antique window, and I really love it. Thank you Jimmy and Dee Dee! We repurposed it into a medicine cabinet door. Bob recessed it into the linen closet, a great use for unused space. Can’t have too many cabinets and storage places.

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Time for a front door

This is the door jam and frame for our front door. Bob is welding 1 1/2″ square tubing for the frame. The Jam is 1 x 3″ rectangular tubing. It pays to have a metal artist for a husband! These are all scrap pieces he has had at the shop for a long time.




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A different view of our place

I rarely take photos from this viewpoint, I love this view. Oh, and also here is a great view of our sunset, and Bobs cigar from last night.




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I just love a rusted tin ceiling

We found this mini-corrugated tin, very unusual, in a metal salvage yard. Left it outside for two years and it’s finally starting to rust, just the patina I like. We also installed lights, a ventilator fan and the trim that goes up against the ceiling. I can’t wait to show you the medicine cabinet door, a gift from a friend.




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Repurposed antique windows

We found these cute exterior windows at an antique store, and decided to use them inside our house, as a wall divider. I like to give old things a new purpose. (Make your jokes here Uncle Steve, I know you want to 😃)


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Recycled table

This table top made it out of the house that burned down back in 2000. We “aged” it further and stained it. It’s now our bar top on the island.



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